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Best Cosmetic Dentistry in hyderabad

Did u ever ask to yourself, “How could my smile be brighter?” or “Is there a possibility for me to get my teeth to look good?” Thanks to the wonders of modern cosmetic dentistry, the answer is very likely to be, “It’s not only possible but in many cases, it is effective, painless and surprisingly affordable.” Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Hyderabad isn’t just the boon for a bright smile or aligned teeth.

In fact, many procedures are necessary for optimal dental health term cosmetic dentistry should be used to describe dental procedures which are carried out, even in the absence of any tooth related pathology, for the main purpose of improving the patient’s appearance. Dental aesthetics, on the other hand, refer to the skills and techniques used to enhance the art, form, and symmetry of the teeth and face in order to improve both the overall appearance and function of the teeth and face.

What is cosmetic dentistry all about?

When we speak about cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad, dental materials have special requirements. For health reasons, dental materials should be applicable for use in the oral environment. In certain applications, strength and durability of a dental material are also important to ensure better performance. In some other situations, the esthetic component would be more important. The esthetic dental appearance of teeth is one of the patients’ demands for cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad. This has helped further in the evolution of esthetic restorations, including the use of resin-based composite materials. Cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad is a major specialty in practical clinical dentistry. For example, in order to treat dental caries, we need to restore the cavity with a proper dental filling material. One of the options is the use of light polymerized direct-tooth colored restorative materials.

Patients can see the results of a cosmetic procedure immediately, creating a high degree of satisfaction that greatly influences them to make them refer others to our practice of cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad.

Cosmetic dentistry embraces a wide range of different procedures, each of which needs to be understood in detail. Each technique has pros and cons and will work better in some situations than in others. Accordingly, cosmetic dentistry cost varies

What are the options for cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad?
Dental Fillings:

Mainly used to repair minor tooth fractures, decay, or damaged surfaces, a dental filling is a treatment modality that restores the damaged surface of the tooth to a functional state. The treatment is conventionally done with a metal, porcelain, or composite resin. The procedure for composite resin, the most widely used material for cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad, involves removing the decayed area and placing the material into the damaged tooth. A high-powered light is used to set the material hard, then further buffing is done to polish the tooth to make it look good and natural.

Dental Crowns:

Largely used to address issues of broken, chipped off, decaying and, overall, worn teeth, dental crowns are gold, Zirconia or porcelain that protect the tooth and provide structure and functional stability to a tooth that has lost its enamel surface. The crown is usually made from hard materials and may even require a filling (buildup) to stabilize the weakened tooth. The crown is then attached to the tooth by some type of cement. As with fillings, crowns can be made from a various number of materials, ranging from metals to porcelains and even composite resin.

Root Canal:

A root canal is a procedure done to treat the infection in the canals of a tooth. When the pulp within the tooth becomes infected, the canal system is accessed to relieve the diseased area. Root canals aim to clear the infection from the location, removing all damaged pulp and sterilizing the tooth with a solution. The infected area is filled with a suitable restorative material like resin or gutta-percha and cement, and the tooth is usually capped to prevent further damage.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment:

Teeth whitening is a generic term for a number of different methods performed to reduce discoloration and provide the patient with much brighter teeth. As one of the procedures in cosmetic dentistry whitening” may include chemical whitening, acid whitening, abrasive teeth brightening, and laser teeth whitening.

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Dental Veneers:

Masking tetracycline stains is one of the ultimate tasks for porcelain veneers. It is difficult to mask dark underlying tooth color and retain a natural appearance of the veneers. A very important factor in successfully treating these stains is the area of each tooth that is affected. Staining of the incisal third(part of tooth away from the gum) or the middle third of the teeth is relatively easy to treat. Staining in the gingival third(near the gum line) is a difficult situation for veneers.

Dental Implants:

Implants are one of the major revolution in cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad. Implants are artificial tooth roots that are anchored into the jaw just like natural teeth. These implants consist of two parts, the first being a base or root that take the same shape of a screw or cylinder and the second part is called a crown which is in shape of a tooth. The root or base is made of Titanium which is anchored to the jaw bone as it is one of the most biocompatible material and the crown is made of ceramic.

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Dental Bridge:

An alternative to dental implants, dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. The treatment begins with crowns, or caps, attached to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The bridged tooth is then attached to the two crowns, filling the area. Dental bridges are carefully customized to fit comfortably in the mouth and align with the teeth. Bridges are fixed (not removable) and, once set, are cemented to the teeth.

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Dental Contouring or Reshaping:

Dental contouring or reshaping is a procedure designed to address the issue of teeth crowding, overlapping, and crooked teeth. The treatment aims to alter the size, height, and position of the teeth and, sometimes, is used as a substitute for braces. Dental contouring or reshaping is often a quick and painless procedure that incorporates a laser to remove enamel and sculpt the tooth to the desired shape. The process usually results in a tooth that is smoothed and polished.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery:

Cosmetic gum surgery is a procedure used to correct the number of gums shown in a smile. Often, due to age, poor hygiene and wear, gums become worn and can either recede or over-take the teeth. In the case of receding gums, a cosmetic dentist may take tissue from the roof of a patient’s mouth or even use artificial material and graft it onto the gums to be treated. In the case of a “gummy smile,” dentists may use a laser or other tool to cut back the gum line. Both procedures require a sterile solution to be applied to the area as a precaution against infection.

Dental Bonding:

Chiefly used to cover any flaw in the tooth, bonding employs a plastic-like/composite resin that is then shaped, colored, and polished to appear natural. The tooth is chemically treated so that the resin can bind, and then the resin is applied to the tooth in layers. The resin is sealed over the tooth with a high-powered light and then sculpted to achieve the desired result.


Dentures are removable replacement teeth that are usually made of an acrylic resin supported by a porcelain or metal frame. There are two types of dentures — complete and partial. Depending on the number of missing teeth, either could be employed. Complete dentures replace a whole palate, while partial dentures are designed to replace a section of missing teeth. Both types of denture are custom-made and designed to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, ensuring maximum comfort. Overdentures are appliances that fit over existing roots or even attached to implants.
Traditional Orthodontics and Invisalign or Clear Braces:

This isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Anyone can have straighter teeth and straighter teeth are not only prettier, but they’re also easier to clean. Traditional orthodontics or braces use metal or ceramic brackets that are cemented onto the teeth and wires that guide the teeth into a straighter position. The wires have to be periodically changed and tightened. Invisalign uses a clear plastic slip-cover that goes over the teeth as well as some bonded, tooth-colored plastic pieces on the teeth to achieve the movement. These aligners have to regularly be changed.

Dental aesthetics is a topic which is deceptively complex, technically demanding and requiring a range of skills that may not be apparent. The often-quoted saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is particularly relevant and worthy of considered reflection before considering upon work in this field. There can be few experienced clinicians in cosmetic dentistry in Hyderabad one among them being our team.

About the Our Clinic:

If you have dental issues, Rama Dental Clinics is the name you can trust as we are one of the best cosmetic dental clinic in Hyderabad. Equipped with modern technology at the hands of highly-skilled dentists, Rama Dental Clinics will resolve all your dental problems ranging from Root Canal, Braces, Laser Dentistry, Emergency Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry. In fact, we are one of the best for dental implants in Hyderabad. Trust your smile with us!

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