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Removable Bridge

Removable Bridge

Full or partial tooth loss, if left untreated, doesn’t just affect a person’s self-image, it can also increase the risk of developing nutritional problems and other systemic health disorders. Fortunately, there’s a reliable and time-tested method for treating this condition; full or partial dentures.

What are removable dentures?

Removable dentures (sometimes referred to as false teeth or plates) are a common treatment alternative for missing teeth.Removable dentures are versatile in their ability to replace any number of missing teeth and to fill out the contours of the face and lips, which shrink inward when multiple teeth are lost. Typically the denture base is made of acrylic plastic that can be tinted to match the patient’s natural gum tissues. The teeth are made from either acrylic or ceramic.

When can you opt for removable dentures?

Fixed are only possible if there are enough teeth left to give a dental prosthesis something to grip. If you have no or only a few teeth remaining teeth, a fully removable denture system may be your best option for restoring your smile. For those who are only missing teeth in one arch (side), a partial denture can be used.

Though most people think that dentures are used only when all of one’s teeth are missing (this is called a complete denture), most removable bridges are used when only a few teeth are missing from a particular arch. An arch is one quadrant or quarter of your mouth. If numerous teeth are missing, much of the arch may need to be replaced, and a removable bridge is a great and affordable option for this.

Why Might I Need A Removable Bridge or Dentures?

Teeth can fall out for a number of reasons:

Accidents can knock a healthy tooth out of place.

Congenital deformities can cause some people to never develop certain teeth, such as the incisors, or one set of molars.

Cavities that are left untreated or other forms of poor dental hygiene can damage your teeth to the point that fillings and onlays/inlays cannot be used, and the tooth must be pulled.

In any of these cases, a person will be left with a gap in their smile. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for many people, especially if the missing tooth is in the smile area. Fortunately, dentures can solve this problem!

Advantages of a Removable Bridge

Removable bridges are economical and often cheaper because of the increased and specialized work needed to create fixed bridges or properly place dental implants. Some patients simply are not good candidates for those treatments due to a number of reasons related to their health or other limitations. As with many cases of missing teeth, the other teeth may eventually become displaced.

Dentures reinforce the stability of your remaining teeth and give you a more youthful appearance, making you look years younger. These appliances also help with pronunciation and clear your speech, as teeth are an important part of the speaking process. These advantages give you more confidence in social situations and eliminate any embarrassment caused by your missing teeth. Dentures will also protect your remaining teeth from becoming loose and displaced, potentially causing further tooth loss of otherwise healthy teeth.

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